Handy Note Advance Note Taking App For Android [ Paid ]

Handy Note is a one of the advanced note taking paid app for the android operating system. User can make a note just like the real world paper note. It has a pre-loaded templates, so that user can select one of the templates according to his/here choice.
Apart from that user has the ability to password protected their selected notes and keep them private. We can’t see this type of feature on the popular free note taking apps such as Evernote, Catch.

Handy note support hand writing, user can write letters by moving your figure  over the app and it supports popular Samsung S pen. User can customize the font size, color. Apart from that user has the ability to bold, italic and underline the text.
One of the interesting feature is user can add cover to the notes. I think there’s more than 20 different styles. 

Key features.
  • Available different templates (basic, Diary, Business,Academic and personal).
  • Make password protected privet notes.
  • Show and hide private notes. 
  • Backup notes to SD card and your dropbox account.
  • Import, restore notes from the SD card.
  • Customizable text and handwriting.
  • Adjust the gesture writing pen, color and lines size (5 different pens, 6 colors and 6 strokes).
  • Adjust the note layer and style. 
  • Share notes with available sharing options.
  • Undo and redo.
  • Cut, copy, paste notes and text.
  • Insert images to notes and re-size them as you want.
  • Add bulletin, numbering, alignment, and box style settings.
  • Add date, time, phone numbers and link to notes.
This app good for larger screen devices, especially for the fabled and tablets. Unfortunately, it’s not an available halo theme, its user interface just like older android apps (android 2.3). Moreover first time when you run this app, you may be confused, because of this app has more features than ordinary application. Fortunately there’s a quick tips guide with and a video tutorial. So before use the app, it’s better read them. 
Like some of the developers, handy note developer also forgets to submit a limited time trial/testing version app to test the app, before the purchase.
Download app.

You can download this app from the Google play store just US $1.02 in here.
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