Space Rings 3D, A Simple Android Free Game

Space Rings 3D is a simple Android free game. It doesn’t support ads. User needs to pass the comet/stones through the rings. If that comet/stones touch the ring, you will not receive any points. When the stone touch the ring, your device will vibrate. 

If you fed up with racing and shooting games, this is a good solution. It’s just like Angry bird, Spay mouse type sample game and it also good for your kids.

There are four types of rings, each one has separate score. When you start the game you will receive 10 points rings. After that you will receive 20, 30 and 40 points rings. 

While user playing the game, it will show special power UPS, by collecting those power-ups you can gain more points from the rings and receive more time. After capture 6 Power-Ups, user can improve the score. 

In addition to that, there are bad power-ups, if the user receives 3 of the these power-Ups it can affect negatively. For instance increase the comet size, inverting the Y-Axis, and slow your speed.

If you have any trouble with this game, fix the sensor issues using “fix accelerometer, compass, sensors revert issues post.

Download Space Rings 3D from Google play store via web browser or via play store app.

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