Schedule, Customize Android Ringing And Automate Phone With RingTime App [ Free & Paid ]

RingTime is a free android app that can automate your phone’s ringing profiles, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplane mode according to the scheduled time or a location basis. Forget to manually silent phone while you’re sleeping. Now you need not worry about manually setting the phone rigging modes or forget to silent it.

This app has several options to customize your ringing, for instance ring one time, set special ringing tones for selected contacts, set specific volume at a selected time.

There are two types of RingTime apps available on the Play store market. Free and paid versions. The free version has a limited features and it support ads. If you need to unlock more features and remove advertisements you can purchase the pro version.

RingTime App Features.

  • Scheduler ringer volume.
  • Ringer volume timer.
  • Automate airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth features.
  • Ability to label events.
  • Change app appearance.
  • Alerts display Task-bar or as a Popup.
  • Number of events.
  • Location profile toggle. (Pro only)
  • Customize ringer by contact. (Pro only)
  • Adjust settings as you want. (Pro only)
  • Location checking setting. (Pro only)
  • Auto silence feature in Public Places. (Pro only)

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