How To Add Custom Name For Google Map’s Starred Places

Currently Google maps not allow add custom names for the starred locations. As a result of that, we can’t easily identify our bookmarked places. However we can easily add our own custom names for starred places, using a simple trick.

This method we use Google bookmarks as well as Google maps desktop web browser version. This post i added two methods.

Unfortunately in some situations first method will not give a correct information. In that situation, it’s better make your own map on Google maps using seconds method.

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How to rename or add custom name for starred places.

  • Log-in to the Google account.
  • First add starts to the locations that you need.
  • After that go to the ““.
  • Now you can see your starred places on the bookmark dashboard, just like following screenshot.
  • Click “Edit” link.

Bookmark places

  • Now add any name that you want in the “Name” section. More over you can add labels and a small description.


  • To apply theses changes click “Save” button.


How to make own custom map on Google map.

As I mentioned earlier, above method some situations not give a correct result. If you have experienced similar issues, you can follow this step.

  • First add a star to the place that you want.
  • Open Google map on the computer.
  • Click “My places” and choose the place that you want to rename.
  • Click on that location star.
  • In the context menu click “Save to map“.


  • In the “Which map do you want to save to?” drop-down menu, select a map. If you don’t have any map choose “create a new map” and click “Save” button.
  • Now you can custom map edit options on the left side of the web browser.
  • Click its “Edit” button.


Edit place

  • Type a suitable name and description for your custom map. (This is not for the location).
  • Click “Save” button.
  • After that click on the “Location” like following screenshot.



  • Now you can see a drawing tool, like following screenshot.

Map drawing tool

  • Add a title, description and click “OK” button.
  • Now you are almost done.
  • You can now adjust “Privacy and sharing settings” options as you want.
  • Finally click “Done” button.
  • If you need to add more place to this custom map you can add them using “Which map do you want to save to?” option.  

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