How to Root Kindle Fire HD 7 Easily With One Click

Root Kindle Fire HD 7 now more easier.  There’re several methods, this is the quickest root method. This method developed by the XDA forum member “sparkym3“. However recently revealed that, Kindle Fire HD series has hack-resistant bootloader. So installing custom ROM somewhat hard process.
This method we need to use a Windows computer and require to install adb driver, after that we start the root.

Rooting void your kindle fire warranty. Apart from that if your tablet bricked by following this method, i can’t claim its damages. Applying this method at your own risk.


  • Download required adb driver and Qemu toolkit in here.

How to Root Kindle Fire HD 7 Easily.

  • Extract downloaded two compress files to your desktop. 
  • Install ADB driver in your PC .
  • Enable ADB in your tablet, to do that go to “Menu>More>Settings>ADB”.
  • Connect your kindle fire to the PC via USB cable.
  • Double click on the “RootQemu.bat” file.
  • Now Windows command prompt will open. Type “1” in your keyboard and press the enter key.
  • Now the root procedure will be started.
  • After your tablet rooted go to the Google play store and install the “Busybox installer” and install busybox. 
  • Congratulation, you just rooted your device.
  • After driver installation completed 

[via: XDA forum]

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