Increase Android Phone Battery Life, Performance With System Tweaks [Maximize]

There’re many tweaks for increase android devices battery life and performance. Some methods edit “build.prop” file some method tweak kernel, etc. TweakZV6 is the all in one tweak flashable zip file. This tweak developed by the XDA forum member “[email protected]“.  This method work on all most all the android device all ROM’s (stock and custom).
According to his/here introduction, this zip includes 15 major tweaks. It includes RAM improvement, CPU governor changes, kernel tweaking script, etc essential changes. This is a more advance customization.

To apply this method you should root and install the custom recovery for instance CWM or CMW-based recovery.

(image credit:- Hitmit)

  • Build.prop script
  • loopy smoothness tweak
  • CFSK script,sqlite_optimize script,touchscreen tweak
  • Screenstate_Scaling tweak
  • Cleaning script That clears dalvik-cache and cache useless files
  • Kernel tweaking script
  • Governor tweaks and some more minor tweaks
  • defragging script, zippaligning
  • UI tweaks,sd card tweaks and performance tweaks
  • Disabled Verify-bytecode For Better resposing and More free RAM
  • Live wallpapers hack in order to make them smoother
  • System_server from Fugu tweaks
  • Sqlite optimizer from Lightning zap tweaks
  • Speedy tweaks
  • Logger disabling script

How to install.

  • Download the file from XDA forum in here
  • Copy that zip file into your phone’s memory card, don’t extract it.
  • Now reboot to the recovery. Reboot recovery varies from device to device. If you have no idea, install “ROM manager” app and using it reboot.
  • When the recovery appears, first make a nandroid backup. To do that go to “backup and restore>backup”.
  • When it’s completed go back to the main menu.
  • Now go to the “Install zip from sd card>Choose zip from sd card”.
  • Then select the downloaded  TweakZV6 zip file.
  • To begin the installation select “Yes–Install”.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Finally reboot the device by selecting “reboot system now”.
  • If your device not bootup properly, again reboot to the recovery and go to “Advance>Fix permission”. If it’s not work, restore the backup.

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