The Best Anti-Theft Tracking App For Android Cerberus

Android phone and tablet have lots of anti-thief tracking applications. Cerberus is one the best paid anti theft app, that can protect your phone or tablet with or without the root permission.  The most significant thing is, the app can track your device after the factory reset (need its special apk).

Cerberus provides lifetime protection just one time 2.99€ payment. But almost all the paid app on the Google play store have monthly subscription. That means you need not pay monthly or annual subscription fees.   Moreover user can record voice, hide Cerberus app from the app drawer for preventing unauthorized access and uninstalling, automatically enable GPS and many more things.

This app can activity associate maximum 5 devices, if you need to add another device to your account, you can remove an old device and add the new one. It uses your device IMEI number for identifying the device, so you can install and uninstall it without any limit. So it’s useful for custom ROM flasher.

These are the three ways that you can remotely control your device.

  • Through the web dashboard.
  • Via SMS text messages.
  • SIM card change checker.

Key features.

  • Work after factory reset (need the root and should use special apk on developer site)
  • Get the device info.
  • View internet connection information.
  • Get the device location history.
  • Unlock with code.
  • Unlock.
  • Start alarm with a message.
  • Display message.
  • Get call logs.
  • Get SMS logs.
  • Call phone.
  • Send SMS.
  • Record audio.
  • Take pictures.
  • Capture video.
  • Grab screenshot.
  • Start and stop emergency mode.
  • Hide and show Cerberus app on app drawer.
  • Wipe device memory.
  • Wipe SD card.
  • Reboot device.
  • Battery status (level,charging or discharge).
  • Connected or disconnected with the device.


Most of the Android anti theft apps fail to find the device if someone resets the device. However, it’s not an issue for the Cerberus. This application has the ability to survive after the data / factory reset. In order to use that fantastic feature, you should have a rooted Android device with a custom recovery. Because Google Play store app can’t do it. You have to use the special cerberus_disguised app zip file on the Cerberus download page (get it in here) and install it via your custom recover. Once you have installed the special tracking app, it will show as the “system framework” on your app drawer.

Its web dashboard displays your device current location, ongoing notifications and remote controls. All the tracking information will be sent to your email Inbox. This app has ability to connect your device in real time.

Using SMS commands user can control his/her e android phone, tablet remotely if there’s no internet connection. When someone change your device SIM card, it can automatically notify new phone number via SMS to predefined 3 phone numbers. The most significant thing is your command SMS not appears in the message Inbox.

Cerberus not run as a background service, after you mark as your device missing it start background service. You can get the 7 days free trial or purchase the Cerberus anti-theft tracking app from play store.

Like other app, you have to install Cerberus before lost or stone your device. If your device already lost, this app can’t do anything. However, “Lookout Plan B” app can track already lost android devices.



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