How To Check Android Phone, Tablet Sensor Work Properly [ Test Accelerometer,Light, Orientation, Proximity, Temperature, Gyroscope, Sound, Magmatic, Pressure sensors]

After flash new ROM or buy a new android phone or tablet its better test your device all the sensors work perfectly. Because of as a result of the software issue or hardware issue they may not work or take delay for respond. Unfortunately there’s no native method in the android devices. 
For instance after flash new ROM or firmware your device magnetic sensor may not work, as a result of that, your phone compass app not work (not give correct information). Now it’s not an issue, using Android Sensor Box simple android app we can test all of these functions. Sony user has “Xperia Function test” app, it has more features than this app.

  • First install “Android Sensor Box” free app from the play store market using web browser, play store app or scan QR code.
  • After the installation completed, run the app, it’s no need the root access. 
  • Its main menu displays all the available options, Tap one of the options. 
  • After you have selected, react according to the selected option. You can use the following examples for the test.
Gyroscope Sensor
This sensor use for measure 6 directions at a time. To check it work or not rotate your phone slowly.
Light Sensor
Use automatically adjust screen brightness according to the light intensity of the environment. Test it performances put your phone in a dark area and higher light intensity area.

Orientation Sensor

Use for detect direction status of the android phone or tablet. Mainly its use for screen auto rotation. To check the sensor, rotate your phone.

Proximity Sensor
Use for measure the distance between two objects. To test it, move your hand forward and backwards to the screen. This sensor mainly locates on the top of the phone.

Temperature Sensor

Use for measure the temperature of your device. Play HD game or surf the web using 3G connection, now your phone temperature increase.

Accelerometer Sensor
Its use for identify your device correct directions. It also use for rotate screen. To check the sensor rotate your phone.


Use for detects the sound intensity around you.

Magnetic Field.

Use for detect magmatic field around you. Mainly its use for identify the direction. For instance Google app, compass apps. To check the sensor move your phone around you.


Use for measure environmental pressure around you. Mainly use for weather forecast and temperature near by you.
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