How To Setup A Free VPN Connection On Android Phone [Limited Bandwidth]

This post we are going to show you how to create a free VPN connection on android phone. VPN connection gives a better online protection. It uses encrypted connection, so that any 3rd party can’t read your data. Apart from that, you can access some regional restricted services, such as Google play store music (but need help of the market unlocking apps) and unblock websites and bypass web filters. Moreover if you use insecure Wi-Fi connections, this is a better option to maximize your android phone security.¬†

Creating a free VPN connection on android phone now possible, but you need the root permission. This post I use DroidVPN free service, however free user allow 100MB bandwidth per day (download+upload), but there is no speed limitation. Premium user can remove all restrictions.

How to setup.

  • Install the “DroidVPN” free client app on Play store in here.
  • After the installation complete install “TUN.ko Installer” on Play store in here.
  • Run the “TUN.ko Installer” and tick your phone model, build number and install “Tuna module”.
  • Run the DroidVPN and grant the super User permission.
  • If you don’t have an account sign-up after that you will receive log-in details via email
  • Make sure that you enable your device data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Submit user name and password.
  • To establish the connection tap on the “Start” button.
  • Select the desire server on top right side.
  • If you receive “DroidVPN is now connected” or similar message you have done.
  • Press the “Home” button and surf the web.

Now you can bypass any web filtering and firewalls easily. However this application not work few Sony devices (auto restart).

Key features,
  • Unrestricted Speed.
  • Encrypts internet traffic.
  • Unblocks web sites.
  • Tunnel IP traffic.
  • USA, UK, Netherlands.
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