Easily Unlock Sony Xperia Any Phone Bootloader With Flashtool With Windows, Linux

Unlocking Sony Xperia series phone bootloader now more easier. You need not follow all the instructions on the unlocksony.com official website. Using flashtool we can unlock bootloader just 2 clicks. After unlock bootloader you can install CWM and custom ROM’s on your device.

However this method will wipe your phone DRM keys so that stock track ID, video unlimited app not work, but now they are available in the play store, so you can install them. These are some of the Sony Xperia device Mini, Mini Pro, Active, Live with Walkman, Neo, Arc, Arc s, Play, Pro, Ray, S, U, P, Sola, etc.

This method we use flashtool computer application, if you don’t like to download it, its better follow fastboot files based unlocking tutorial in here.

  • Flashtool latest version in here. (Install jDownloader on your computer and paste the download page URL in its Link-grabber and start the download)
  • Check you can unlock the bootloader (dial  *#*#7378423#*#* and navigate to “Service>Configuration” if it display “Bootloader unlock allow :Yes” you can)


Unlocking the bootloader void your phone warranty. However, if you can find the your phone relock ftf file, you can again claim the warranty. Sometime your phone may not available that file, so before perform this action, check if your device has suitable re-locking ftf file.

Unlocking procedure.

  • Install flashtool in your computer. 
  • Go to the flashtool installed directory “drivers” folder and double click “Flashtool-drivers.exe” file and install the “adb” and “fastboot” drivers.
  • Power off the phone and enable the flash mode. To enable it, after power off wait for a few seconds and press and hold the volume down key and same time connect the phone to the computer via USB cable. (Arc, Arc s need to press back key)
  • Go to “Plugin>Bootloader unlock>Run”.
  • Now you can see your device IMEI number contain window, copy it and click “Get unlock key”. But don’t close the window.
  • Now “unlockbootloader.sonymobile.com” web page load in your computer’s web browser. Click “Yes I’m sure”
  • Tick legal term and click “I accept”.
  • Type your name, phone IMEI number, your email address and click “Submit”.
  • Now you can see your Xperia phone unlock key copy it.
  • Paste the copied unlock key in the flashtool bootloader unlock window (above 3rd step IMEI number display window)
  • Finally click “Unlock bootloader”.
  • Congratulation, you just unlock the bootloader.
  • To verify your bootloader is unlocked. Dial  *#*#7378423#*#* in your phone’s keypad.
  • Go to the “Service>Configuration” if it displays “Bootloader unlock :Yes”. You unlocked the bootloader.

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