Create Own Event App Using Instappbuilder

Are you need to create your own event android or is an app for your business, conference, occasion or any other thing? Yes its now possible, no need to know android app development knowledge. Just 3 steps you can build your own app with a lots of customizations. Moreover, you can publish this app on Google play store or Instapp market. Instapp app has program booklet, GPS navigation tool, real time calendar. Therefore you can provide correct information to your visitors.

This is a free service and after you create app you can download and use it. But if you need to use ads free version you have to pay US $ 299 and if you need to upload that app to Google play store or iTunes app markets , you have to pay US$ 49.

This online tool has following options to add events, performers, locations, info, favorites and settings. Therefore user can easily view new events with their place and bookmark them. Apart from that it has calendar  synchronization feature. Therefore you can keep up-to date information. It has  social media integration, so that your audience/customers can easily share events with their friends.

Content page, you can select which items should include the app, it has 6 options they are events, performers, locations, info, favorites and settings. You can select all of them or selected one, by default or a different name. If you like to add ads to your app, this page you can do it. 

Design page, can select header text, background design , splash screen, app icon , market icon and colors. They have a good online collection, but if you need to use your own item, you can upload them from your computer or other device.

In the publish page, add app description, keywords, application type, category, etc. This page you can choose app features, platform. If you need to ads free version then you have to pay US $299, but adds support version completely free.

Visit instappbuilder web page.
Download demo app from play store in here.
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