Install HTC One X CM10 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM | CyanogenMod

HTC One user can install the CM10 Android 4.1.2 jelly bean. Cyanogen is one of the popular Android aftermarket firmware.  HTC confirms that, this device receive Android 4.1.2 jelly bean update in the future, but they’re not mentioning exact date. This ROM not available Google apps such as play store, Gmail, Google calender etc. Because it’s pre-rooted and it’s not compatible with the Google’s Compatibility Test Suite. Therefore you have to install Gapps zip file separately.

Cyanogen is a community based Android custom ROM developing team. When I’m writing this post (7/31/2012) , this ROM released as a preview version. Therefore there may be bugs. Before follow this guide you have to root , unlock the bootloader and install clockworkmod or TWRP recovery on your device.

CM ROM uses the Google’s AOSP. Therefore it has the same look of the Nexus phone. Although it has several customizations options. It let the user to change lock screen shortcuts, enable ZRAM, adjust notification area icons and much more. As I mentioned earlier, this is a pre -rooted. Moreover it has Overclocking option. But with the CM kernel, user can’t do it. You have to install Overclocking support kernel.

HTC One X Android 4.1.2


  • Rooting, unlocking boot loader, flashing custom ROM void your phone warranty.
  • If your device bricked by following this guide, I can’t get its risk. Applying this method at your own risk.
  • Following tutorial only for the HTC One X.






How to install HTC One X Android 4.1.2 CM10 ROM


  • Extract downloaded file. Copy downloaded “boot.img” file into the fastboot folder.
  • Extract the HTC One X CM10 ROM contain boot.img file. Then save it with the fastboot files.
  • Copy downloaded Android 4.1.2 ROM zip file and Gapps into your HTC one X internal memory.
  • Reboot into recovery mode.
  • Before installing the new ROM its better backup existing ROM, Better thing is to make a nandroid backup. To do that go to “Backup and restore>backup”.
  • After backup completed, factory reset by using CWM. In the recovery navigate “wipe data/factory reset>Yes – delete all user data”
  • Wipe cache partitions (wipe cache partition>Yes – Wipe cache)
  • Wipe dalvik-cache (advanced>wipe dalvik-cache>Yes- Wipe Dalvik Cache)
  • Now install the ROM, by navigating “install zip from the sd card>choose zip from the sd card” and select the downloaded ROM zip file in your external memory.
  • After ROM installation completed again flash Gapps using the above method (choose zip from SD card)
  • After installation competed power off the phone.
  • Enable bootloader mode. To do that turn on  and press and hold “volume down and power” buttons. (In the bootloader mode using volume keys for navigation and power button for selection)
  • In the bootloader menu select “fastboot”.
  • Now connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.
  • Now open the fastboot folder. Press and hold the shift key on your keyboard and same time right click inside the folder. In the windows context menu click “Open command prompt here”
  • Type/copy paste following command line in the CMD window.
fastboot flash boot boot.img
  •  Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation. After that type following command in the CMD window.
fastboot erase cache
  •  After that type following command.
fastboot reboot
  • Now your phone reboot with Android 4.1 jelly bean CyanogenMod 10 ROM.

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