Root Sony Xperia Sola MT27i With Rooted Kernel Easily

This post I’m going to show you how to root Sony Xperia Sola MT27i android phone easily. Before we get started, we have to know this rooting procedure. This method we flash a modified pre-rooted kernel, after that you got the root access. 

This method we need to unlocked bootloader, before you submit phone to the service center again relock the bootloader. 



Rooting and flashing custom kernel, ROM’s will be void your device warranty. If your device bricked following this method, i can’t claim its damages.

  • Rooted kernel in here
  • Fastboot files in here ( if you have android SDK no need to download)
This kernel will be install,
  • su binary
  • superuser.apk
  • busybox
  • Extract downloaded rooted kernel.
  • Copy extracted “.elf” file, into the fastboot files folder or if you use android SDK copy it into the following folder “C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”
  • Power off your phone
  • Boot into fastboot mode by press and hold  power and volume up buttons together and simultaneously connect your phone into the PC via USB cable. 
  • After you connected the phone into the PC release power and volume up buttons. 
  • If you boot into fastboot mode, your phone’s top LED light will be turned into Blue color.
  • Now go into the fastboot folder or android SDK platform-tools folder
  • Press and hold “Shift” key on your keyboard and simultaneously right click inside the folder.
  • On the windows context menu click “Open command window here”
  • Type the following command in the windows command prompt ( CMD)
 fastboot flash boot kernel.elf
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the process
  • Type following command on the CMD
 fastboot reboot
  • Now you rooted your Sony Xperia Solo phone.
Now you can see superuser app on your app drawer.
[via XDA forum].
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