Root SONY Xperia S LT26i ICS 6.1.A.0.452 Firmware

How to root Sony Xperia S LT26i ICS 6.1.A.0.452 firmware? That is what most of the people search after install ICS update on their xperia S handset. Now it more easier and we can flash a recover. Unfortunately this method requires unblock the bootloader. But it’s simple. Just flash recovery and suerSU app we can get the super user permission, that mean root.

If you need root without unlocking bootloader now its possible, read this guide or use adb restore based root method in here.


Downloads.Method one.

Method two.


Rooting void your phone’s warranty. If your device bricked by following this Xperia S root method, i can’t get its risk. If your device get a boot-loop, you have to remove its embedded battery by using torx 6 screwdriver and tweezers.
Procedure.You can follow method one or two for get the root access. No need to follow both method.



Table of Contents

Method One.

  • Download and install latest flashtool on your computer.
  • Copy downloaded pre-rooted system.img file into the flashtool installed location “firmware” folder.
  • Rename the copied file as “system.img” without quotes.
  • Run the flashtool and click its “Thunder” symbol.
  • Mode selector tick “fastboot mode”
  • In the “Fastboot Toolbox” window click “Reboot into fastboot mode (via ADB)”
  • After phone connected via fastboot mode, click “Select system to flash”
  • In the choose system file locate the downloaded “system.img” file and click “Open” button.
  • Wait for a few second to complete the installation. When flashtool display “Before reboot check for the log status”.
  • Click “Reboot device into system”.
  • Now your phone reboot with the root permission.



Method two.

  • Use volume down and up keys for navigation and camera button for selection.
  • Extract the downloaded fastboot files.
  • Copy downloaded superSU files into the Xperia S phone’s SD card.
  • Move the downloaded “recovery.img” and “kernel.sin” files into the fastboot folder and the phone SD memory.
  • Power off the Xperia S phone and enable fastboot mode by press and hold the volume up button, and connect the phone to the computer via USB cable. If you can see drivers installation wait until it complete.
  • Navigate to the fastboot files folder and press and hold the shift key and same time right click inside the folder.
  • In the windows context menu click “Open command window here”.
  • Copy and paste following command on the Windows command prompt (CMD) and hit the power button.
fastboot flash boot recovery-nozomi.img
  • After finish the flash, phone rebooted recovery.
  • When phone booted into recovery, perform “wipe data/factory reset”.
  • Install the “SuperSU”, zip file that on your SD card using recovery mode. To do that navigate to “Install zip from sd card>Choose zip from sd card” and select the downloaded “” file.
  • Now your phone always boot into recovery, to boot normally, we have to flash the stock ROM contains “kernel.sin”. It’s in the above download links section.
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer.
  • Power off the phone by press and hold “power button and volume up” keys same time few seconds. When it completely power off, it will vibrate three times.
  • Wait for a few seconds (more than 30 seconds).
  • Boot into the fastboot mode by press and hold “volume up” button and same time connect the phone into the PC via USB cable.
  • Go to the fastboot file folder on your computer and right click inside the folder.
  • In the windows context menu click “Open command window here”.
  • Type or copy paste following command in the Windows command prompt (CMD).
fastboot flash boot kernel.sin
  • Now you just rooted your Sony Xperia S phone ICS firmware. To boot the phone normally type following command in the CMD Windows and press enter key on you key board.
fastboot reboot
  • kernel.sin includes stock ROM, if you need to use your own ROM ” kernel.sin”, Extract the stock “.ftf” ROM file using 7zip. Now you can see ” kernel.sin” file in the extracted location. This post not available ROM download links.

If you feel its complicate, you can follow this tutorial.

[via XDA forum]
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