Movie Quiz Game For Android

Are you bored playing similar theme game, now you its time to play new concept game. Movie Quotes Quiz is a new android game which based on the popular movies and TV series quotes. It’s a simple app and not eat your phone RAM, CPU. This game uses popular movies and TV series memorable quotes for instance House, Star wars, Twilight etc. Apart from that, it has latest movies such as The Avengers, etc.

After you run the game, it displays a “Small quote” on top of the app, now it displays 4 options to select. Each correct receive 300 points, and you receive 30 seconds to give an answer. One level contains 10 questions.
If you’re fails to submit a correct answer, this app displays the correct movie name, at the top of the app. After you finished one level, it displays total score.
You can get this app on the Play store using one of the following links
via web browser, via play store app, Scan QR code, 
visit developer site theandroidgalaxy.
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