How To Use Android ADB Over WiFi Without USB Cable

Android adb command over WiFi, its a latest method. ADB is an essential factor on the android customization processes, such as rooting, flash ROM, etc. If we need to establish the adb (android debugging bridge) connection we need to install the android android debugging bridge drivers, on our computer and connect our phone to the PC via a USB cable. Now we can establish this adb connection over the WiFi, that mean wireless. If your USB cable missing, or anything that you can’t find it now, its not an issue.

To use this method, you need not use a WiFi enable computer, if your computer connected to the WiFi network, via network cable you can use it. For instance, if you have a desktop computer, but it doesn’t enable WiFi, but you connected your PC to a WiFi enable router, you can use this method. 
To apply this wireless adb connection, you need to root your android phone, if your not rooted, you can use our one click root guide or device specific guide in here.
The main benefit of the method is, it easy to use and also you can perform root command easily.
  • First install the adbWireless (Widget version), via web browser, or via play store app.
  • After the installation completed, run the app, now you can see following screen shot type app. Now tap its big yellow color button.
  •  Grant the root permission, and make sure that you tick “Remember” option.
  • If the app display “adbwireless is on” now almost done.
  • On your computer, go to the adb files location, if you don’t have download this file and extract it.
  • Now press “Shift” key on your keyboard and alone with right click inside the adb folder.
  • In the windows context menu click “Open command window here”
  • Now type following command in it and hit the enter key.
 adb connect
  • After the if it display “connected to”, you just established the adb connection over the wifi network.
  • Now type the command and use it normally. However if you type “adb devices” its not listed your device IMSI number, so keep remember it.


This method not work when your phone boot into the recovery mode, so keep remember it. In-addition to that, keep your phone close to the WiFi router for better performances.

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