How To Enable Google Map Offline On Android Phone Download To Phone

Google now lets android user to use the Google map offline. Earlier when we use the Google’s navigation, it’s request to enable data or WiFi connections for load the map. However the GPS antenna need not any internet connection.

Therefore, now you can download selected area Google maps into your android phone. This kind of feature useful when you are traveling the rural area which doesn’t have cellar signals or WiFi.

Unfortunately you can’t download enter the map into your phone, it’s only 10 square miles per one time. Although you can add many areas one by one using this method. There is no any restriction, but your phone memory will be full.


Currently this function available as a beta, so you need to enable it on the Google map’s settings. In the near future it will be added area detail menu.
  • Enable the data or WiFi connection on your phone
  • Turn on GPS antenna ( optional )
  • Run the Google maps
  • Go to “settings>Labs”, now tick “Pre-cache map area”
  • Search the place on the map, that you need to download
  • Tap and hold your figure few seconds on the selected area 
  • Now Google map displays that area address like following screen shot
  • Tap on that address menu 
  • Now you can see full details of that area
  • Tap on the”Pre-cache map area” like the following screen shot
  • Now it starts downloading and you can view its progress 
  • After the download finished you can see “outline area of the map pre-cached” message and small square. That squire cover 10 miles and it indicated, that area map is ready for offline uses
  • Disconnect the internet connection and use your map
  • If you need to download more area follow this method again
  • To remove the downloaded map go to Google map’s “settings> Cache>Clear map tile cache”
  • To check which area download goes to Google map’s setting>Cache>Pre-cached map area”

Moreover you can select automatic caching mode on the setting.

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