Google Planning 10-inch Android Tablet [ A Rumours]

Google is planning a 10-inch android tablet. But they just release Nexus 7 ( unveiled it 27th June). Yes it’s correct. This is the latest rumours in this field. DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based news site reveals that news. WinTek a Google’s Nexus 7 tablet touch screen panel supplier, and “AU Optronics” companies now shipping 10 inch OGS (One Glass Solution). Probably it can be the next device. According to the some news source, Nexus7 designed 4 months ago, so next device can be available within next 6 months. Still no one knows who is the hardware manufacturing partner ASUS, Samsung or any other.

According to the previous rumours Google planning to release more than on tablets and phone under the Nexus brand name. Looks like it’s going to be a reality with this rumours.

After Google introduce 7inch tablet they give competition to the Amazon kindle fire and Nook devices. Looks like with this latest news, search giant need to give competition to the iPad and Galaxy Tab. If so, this new device should include additional functions, which not include on the nexus7. Such as micro SD card slot, mobile network connectivity (HSPA), etc. Therefore its price will be increase in a considerable amount than nexus7.

10 inch is a considerable size, so it’s not easy to handle, then this new tablet. Therefore it’s hard to put it in your pocket or handbag.

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