Firefox Android Comes With Redesigned User Interface ( UI ) And New Features

Firefox is one of the popular web browsers. However their android version web browser not powerful than it desktop version. Now Mozilla now plans to introduce a completely redesigned web browser for the android OS.
If we compare it with the Firefox 10, it has following new features,
  • Flash support
  • Completely redesigned UI (user interface)
  • Improve start-up speed
  • improve surfing performance such as responding, scrolling
  • New start page
  • Added Android 2.2+ as minimum requirement

In this new version, user can quickly toggle and close open multiple tabs using top right drop-down menu. As well as you can use that drop-down menu for open new tabs. This drop-down menu display number of tabs currently open. 


Start-up page display recently most visited sites with their thumbnail view like Google chrome. In-addition to that, bottom of the start-up page displays your last season open tabs.

Moreover new version support flash support, so now you can’t view “Plugin is need to display this content” error. In its setting page you can select enable, trap to play or disable plug-ins option.
In the setting, users can adjust web page text size, there are 5 different sizes, as well as clear browsing history. 
Apart from that, the new version has significantly improved in page loading time. However its not use higher RAM memory than the older version. So it’s a good improvement.  

These are the new and improved features of the Firefox 14 beta version.  You can install Firefox beta for android using following links
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