Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 ( S III ) Custom Binary Download Flash Counter

Before you submit your Galaxy S3 to the service center, you have to reset the flash counter. Samsung Galaxy series some devices have a flash counter. When you flash/install custom ROM’s, kernels this counter trigger. On the Galaxy S 3, you can view it by enabling download mode (under the “Custom Binary Download mode”). Actually its not give any issue. Most probably they use it for warranty claims for damaged devices. According to the popular android developer Chain-fire, now Samsung uses more advanced technique of the latest S III device, for track each custom ROM and Kernel flashes. However its not an issue.

Currently there are two options to reset this flash counter, using Triangle Away app or Jig. Application based method is a dangerous operation, and your device can be bricked, if anything goes wrong. So if you don’t like to take any risk better to use “Jig” for that, but not sure it compatible with the S 3 phone. Jig is a small gadget, that can connect to the phone via micro USB port. It available on the ebay for a few dollars.
Now chainfire updated his older Triangle Away app capabilities to fix Samsung Galaxy S III binary flash counter issue. However, you need to root your device before use it ( S3 guide in here). 



    How to view binary flash counter on Galaxy S3 

    • Enable download mode by press and hold the power, home and volume down button together few seconds, when it display “Warning” message with, press volume up 
    • Now you enable downloading mode, top of the screen under the “Custom Binary download mode” it will display current figures with “Yes” and “No”.

    How to reset flash counter

    • If you use Triangle Away free version, enable Unknown source for install apps on the SD ( “Settings>Security” tick “Unknown source”)
    • Enable Data or WiFi connection to download required additional files.
    • Run the tangle app
    • Grant the superuser access
    • Now verify that Triangle Away display your correct phone model. If not restart the device. If it displays wrong device model, don’t continue the process.
    • Tap on the “Continue” button, if everything OK
    • Now tap on the “Download” to get the requires add-ons package, for the rest the galaxy s3 flash counter.
    • Tap “Reset Flash counter”
    • To precede the action, again tap on the “Continue”
    • Now your device will be rebooted and display “Tangle away logo”
    • Now it displays all the instructions, that you should follow.
    • Press the “Volume up” button, to reset the flash counter
    • Wait for a few seconds, now your phone will be rebooted
    • However if your device’s status still display modified. To remove it, flash a stock ROM using the PC ODIN.
      If you like this trick, donate to chainfire for his future developments via XDA forum
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