One Click Root HTC One S ICS ROM ( Windows, Mac, Linux Computer)

How to root HTC One S ICS ROM? Is that you search? Fortunately now there are a few simple methods for this phone. This post I’m going to show you, how to root your HTC One S phone which running latest android Ice cream sandwich ROM. This method uses superboot boot.img so that it’ll root the phone, its first boot.


Rooting void your HTC one S warranty.  If this method bricked your phone, i can’t claim its damages. Applying this method at your own risk.


  • Backup your phone ( Guides in here)
  • Unlock the bootloader ( Guide in here)
  • Fully charge your device.


  • Download required Superboot zip root files in here.

Use files.

  • This method install “su” and “superuser APK” in your device.


  • After unlock the bootloader shout-down your phone.
  • Enable bootloader mode by press “Power” button with “Volume down” button.
  • Select “fastboot” mode on the bootloader mode
  • Connect your HTC One S into the computer via USB cable
  • Now uncompressed downloaded Superboot zip file into your computer’s desktop. 
  • Windows user:- double click on the “install-superboot-windows.bat” file.
  • Mac user:- Open the terminal and navigate to the extracted “r3-ville-superboot” location and type following command. 
chmod +x

  • Linux user:- Open the terminal window and navigate to the extracted file location using command and type following command.
chmod +x
  • Now you rooted your phone. Disconnect and use.

[via:Modaco forum]. 

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