How To Transfer ( Send ) Computer Files To Android Phone Using WiFi Connection And Send Phone Files To Computer

Transferring files to android phone via WiFi connection is faster than USB cable or Bluetooth. So this is good for sending large files to your handset. If you have WiFi enabled computer or router and all the devices connected with the same network, you can easily and quickly send files to your phone.
This post i use “AirDroid” android free application. Using this free tool you can completely manage your phone, but this post i only focus its files transferring feature.   

Some routers have WiFi connection with Ethernet ports (wire and wireless), and if you connected your computer to that router using an Ethernet cable, it’s not an issue. Because of all the devices are in a same network (under one WiFi network).

How to send files to android phone, tablet via WiFi connection.

Establishing WiFi connection with the phone.
  • First install “Air Droid” using one of the following link.

via web browser, via Play Store app, Scan QR code.

  • Make sure that your computer and android phone in a same network.
  • Now open your computer’s web browser and go to this web page “
  • After the installation run the app.
  • Now your phone airdroid generate pass-code type it in your computer’s web browser log-in section or scan the QR code that display on your PC web browser. 
  • Now you established connection and automatically redirect to the main screen.
  • Your web browser now looks like a computer desktop.
Click on the image for enlarge. 

Send computer files to android phone via WiFi.
  • After established connection click one of the ” files or video, photos, music” button on your computer’s web browser (select required file type button). 
  • Now window will open and click its “Upload” button.
  • Upload window click “select files” button and locate the file and select it or drag and drop files.
  • Instantly uploading process starts and you can view its progress. 
  • Until you finish files transferring process don’t close phone airdroid app.

Send android phone files to computer via WiFi.

  • After successfully connected all the devices click one of the “files, video, photo or music” button on the web browser. Button type depends on the file type, that you wish to transfer.
  • Now a window will open, select files that you want to send to the computer.
  • Click its “Download” button at the top of the window.
  • Now it download will be started, it looks like normal files download via internet, so that your web browser download manager will start. 
  • After you finish files transferring process you can close the airdroid app. Don’t close the app, while it downloading files.

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