How To Make, Use Windows Phone 7 Style Launcher For Android Phone

Windows phone has a fascinating app launcher. Mainly its start-up launcher screen has app shortcuts as a big tiles. If you like to use this launcher on your android phone, now it’s possible. Launcher 7 is one of the free application that can enable windows mobile launcher on your android devices.

  • First install Launcher 7 free app using one of the following links.

via web browser, via play store app, scan QR code

  • After the installation finished you have to configure its main screen.
  • Run the Launcher 7 app.
  • Now you can see “Initial configuration” menu.  
  • Now select apps for its main screen title. For instance tap “Phone title” and select phone app on your phone.
  • After selected apps tap on the “Create titles”
  • Now you done.

How to Change the apps on the titles.

  • Run the launcher.
  • Tap the phone’s menu key.
  • Select “Launcher7 Settings”.
  • Tap on the ” Setup Initial configuration”
  • Again select apps that you want to add this launcher main screen.

How to launch apps.


  • After run this application taps on its top right side arrow.
  • Now it displays all the installed applications list.

  • Tap any application for lunch it.

How to modify and enter into the phone settings.


  • Run this application.
  • Tap on the menu key. 
  • Now taps on the “Settings” for go to the phone settings.
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