How To Install Official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One X, One S

How to install clockwork mod touch recovery on HTC One X and One S? This is a big question for most of the lucky owners of these phones. There are many reasons for install recovery on the android devices. This tutorial we are going to show you how to install CWM on the  HTC One X and One S.

There are many reasons for install ClockworkMod Recovery for instance to flash a custom ROM, custom themes and different developments.


Installing a custom recovery completely void the phone warranty.  If this method damage your device, i can’t claim its damages.



  • ClockworkMod Touch Recovery official version in the developer site in here. 
  • Fastboot files in here

  1. Enable USB debugging on your phone ( Settings > Developer Options >USB debugging )
  2. Rename downloaded file as “cwm-recovey” ( Note:- Don’t change file extension)
  3. Move that downloaded CWM file to the “fastboot files” folder, that you create when rooting HTC One X.
  4. Now shutdown your phone, and boot it in recovery mode. To do that press simultaneously power button and volume down key for few seconds.
  5. Connect your phone into the computer
  6. Run the command prompt on your computer. 
  7. Type following command to verify your computer successfully detected your HTC One X
  8. fastboot devices 
  9. If your device listed, your computer successfully detected the phone. 
  10. Now go to the folder, that you save fastboot files.
  11. Type following command to flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One X.
  12.  fastboot flash recovery cwm-recovey.img 
  13. Now ClockworkMod Recovery will be flashed. To finish this process finally type following command.  
  14. fastboot reboot 
  15. Now your device will be restarted and you have successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery. 
[via:XDA Forum].

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