Google Play Store Now Sell Nexus Accessories

Google already started selling hardware on their play store online market. They start that step by starting selling popular Galaxy Nexus android smartphone. However it only available for selected countries (USA). Now they start selling their Nexus device accessories on the play store. Like their phone, this one also available for the USA citizens. Currently we can identify three accessories available “vehicle dock”, “HDMI Portrait desktop dock” and “desktop dock with pogo pin” are them. Those items only compatible with the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version. 

Current prices.

  • Vehicle Dock priced $ 54.00
  • HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock priced $ 49.00
  • Desktop Dock with Pogo Pin priced $54.00

However above prices are subjected to the taxes and shipping cost. So the price will be increased. Everyone can easily order up-to 10 items directly playstore. If you are a whole sellers you can make bulk orders (more than 10 per in a one item). However you if you are wishing to buy more than 10, you have to personally request it to the play store sales department via filling online form.

  • Vehicle Dock:- Let hand your nexus while you drive the vehicle (place windshield or dashboard on your vehicle)
  • HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock :- Let you stream your phone content to your TV
  • Desktop Dock with Pogo Pin: – You can charge your phone sliding into the pogo pin enabled dock and while it charging you can listen to your music.

Check play store nexus accessories page.

If you live outside the USA, and you followed the above links you can’t view that accessories and phone selling pages. 

We hope Google will start selling their nexus phone and its accessories worldwide soon.

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