Backup, Uninstall Android System Apps And Other User Apps To SD Card [Root And Without Root].

In normal situation we can’t backup all the installed apps apk installer into our phone’s SD card. As well as we can’t uninstall system apps. Every-time if we factory resets phone, we have to re-download all the require apps. It’s useless and it requires considerable amount of bandwidth. If you don’t have a proper data package or WiFi connection, then its really horrible thing.

After you root (method in here and in here) you can uninstall unwanted bloatware ( pre-installed apps) in your phone.

We already publish how to backup system apps and user apps without root, directly to a computer, and today we are going to show you how to backup apps installer into an SD card. This method you can’t backup system apps, if you don’t have a root permission, however you can do it using our previous method (in here).

How to use Fast Uninstaller & Backup.

First of all download “Fast Uninstaller & Backup” using a web browser in here or play store up in here.
Now run the application, in its main window you can see, all the installed apps.

Tap and hold the figure in few seconds on the any app, instantly a dialog appears. In it there is open, uninstall, backup, in the market, Move to SD card options. Tab in the any option in that menu. I think no need to mention installation and backup process step by step.

Backup apps apk installer will be saved in your SD card’s Fast Uninstaller & Backup folder with its name.

Importance of backup system and pre-installed apps.

  • If you are going to install a new custom ROM its better backup pre-installed apps.
  • Before uninstall pre-loaded apps, its recommend save their apk files.

Importance of uninstall bloatware apps.

  • Most of them are you never use.
  • Some of them run each start-up.
  • Eat RAM as well as battery life.

If we look at its main features.

  • Backup, Uninstall, open and move to SD apps one tap.
  • Display all the apps full information.
  • Search installed applications.
  • Sort apps.
  • Display each app permission.
  • View installed apps Play store page.

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