Use incognito Private Browsing On Android.

Every website we visit, they track our each and every navigation, our location, device information, etc. They collect them for improve their site performances. Incognito or private browsing is one of the best way to protect your privacy in online. Unfortunately android default web browser doesn’t have this feature. Google chrome android version has already added, private web browsing but it require, “Ice cream sandwich” operating system.
InBrowser is one of the best android web browser that enable incognito. This is an absolutely free application. Using this secure browser you can surf the web fully hidden, without any tracking. 


  • No data is saved.
  • Delete history, cache, cookies when you Exit or Close the app or hit the Home.
  • Load full site instead of mobile version.
  • Playback video in the browser.
  • Support Adobe Flash player.
  • Available download manager and saved files on SD card.
  • Minimalistic and maximum space for browsing.
  • User can select agent as Firefox, Google chrome, etc.
This application not continuously display ads, instead of that, it shows ads on the start and the error-page. Comparing other private browser in the play store, this app received higher rating.
Download InBrowser on the Google play store,
via web browser in here.
via play store app in here.

scan QR code.

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