Top Free Android Applications For Children

Android tablets and smartphones are made for adults, however many children use them. Because of they love to play those devices. Application developers have come to recognize that more and more kids are using tablets, and they have started to create applications that meet the special needs and wants of younger users.

These apps ensure that content isn’t too difficult or mature, and they will help to hold children’s attention.

If you have children, it’s better to install kids apps in your tablet or smartphone that are tailored to them. Following are some of the top Android applications that you should try for your little ones.

Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle.

Puzzle games are very popular for Android users of all ages, but you may want special age-appropriate puzzles for you little ones. Puzzle games can be engrossing, and this means they can keep children busy for prolonged periods. Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle is a great game choice for younger kids, as it is designed to help children begin to learn new vocabulary words and reading skill. An educational game adored by younger children, play is simple and easy to learn.

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Doodle Jump.

Doodle jump is a cute game that is known for being both challenging and a bit addicting. This adorable game can occupy your child’s time when stuck in a waiting room or on a road trip. Your children play the game by simply tilting the phone from side to side, a motion that allows your kids to be a bit more active instead of being completely stagnant. Because of the style of gameplay, you should be sure that your kids have clean, dry hands and a solidly tight grip before playing; if your kid get too into the game and begin tilting too aggressively, they could accidently drop the smartphone or tablet.

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Spaghetti Marshmallows.

Even though Spaghetti Marshmallows has a silly name, this game is an educational puzzle game. In this Android app, children build structures using virtually marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. Fun and adorable, this game features adorable graphics, hungry frogs, and demolition at the end of all successful levels. This game is a favorite for most little ones.

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The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss is a legendary title for beginning readers, young children, and kids of all ages. This application is based on this delightful work. With this app, children can elect to read the text of the book themselves, or they could have the app read the book to them. This application feels an easy to understand narrator and text that makes it easy to follow along and bolster reading skills. One of many Dr. Seuss titles that have been turned into top Android apps, this is a great way to help get your children into reading.

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People of all ages struggle with math, but your children don’t have to, especially if they love games. PopMath on your Android device is ideal for your Elementary School child. Children play by popping colorful bubbles to solve math problems and progress. Not only is this game educational, it is fun and will keep children occupied.

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