Take 360 Degree Panoramic Alive Photos Without Taking Multiple Pictures With Souonds

Using panoramic photography method we can take the wide area / angle into one photo, without taking multiple pictures. Normally we can’t take 360 degrees panoramic live photos using a normal android camera. However some manufacture added to support apps to their devices, such as Sony, HTC. Photo 360 is the only apps in the android market that can take 360 degree photos using your camera. Google Play Store already has few panoramic camera apps but they are not support 360 degrees. 

If we look at this application features.

  • Within in a few seconds capture a full 360 degree angle panorama photo.
  • Possibility to capture sounds. 
  • Take landscape photos.
  • GPS location record.
  • Control stabilization.
  • Rename photo, remove location data and sound.
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send uploaded files by email.
  • Upload photos on the application’s server. 
However this application does not support flashlight, so you need to take them in a good lighting environment.  

How to take 360 Panoramic photograph.

Open Photo 360°, normally it automatically launches camera if not tap on the “Take photo”, now holding your phone and turning clockwise around. You can view progress in a percentage in the top bar.

Download Photo 360,
via web browser in here.
via Play store app in here.
visit developer site AMA.
scan QR code.

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