Block, Control Android Apps Unwanted And Suspicious Permission For Protect Privacy Free.

Every android application has different permissions. Some apps has stupid unwanted access. Unfortunately we can’t block them. As a result of that your valuable sensitive data can be leaked, such as password, contact details, PIN numbers etc. We already published “How to check all the installed apps permission“in another post.
This post we added how to block applications unwanted accessibility to your phone resources. This process you need administration permission that mean Root access. If you doesn’t root your device you can make it one click using “Super one click root” or “Unlockroot“. “Permissions Denied” is a trusted and reliable android app that can block apps unwanted and suspicious activities free. This application can’t run individually it require “BusyBox“.

Unfortunately “Permissions Denied” not support all the devices. Developer not clearly mention with handset it support so you need to test it.

If we look at its free version features monitor, block, backup and restore all the installed apps in your device.

How to control Android permission.

Before control package file permission, its better backup them. After run application its home screen, you can see all the applications, after taping on any app you can view its permission. To disable any app access, again tap on the one unnecessary permission.  Now grant root access and you can see progress window. Wait for a few seconds for complete the process. After successfully finished the job, you can see it promote “Disable after the Reboot” message. Finally restart your phone.
However some application requires special permission to run, for example web browser need internet access like that. So before control them you need to verify they are necessary or not. Otherwise application may not work properly.
Download permission denied,
via web browser in here.
via Play store app in here.
scan QR code.
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