Track All The Uninstalled Android Apps Details Free

When we install new apps, Google Play Store automatically recoded it’s installed and listed in My Library page. In there we can’t browse recently installed, uninstalled apps list. Because of, it’s sort by name, not date. Therefore, you can see all the time, all the connected device applications.

Now you need worry, there is a free android app called “Removed History”, it can automatically track all the uninstalled apps details. However it can’t track app that uninstalled, before install “Removed History”.

After installed this tracking application, it automatically detects new un-installations and recorded it in its special library. User can view them anytime. In its main window, apps are sorted by date, so never uninstalled apps come first.

Removed History

The importance of this kind of application is, if the newly installed app give some trouble to your system like a battery drain faster than normal. You need to test which app give bother. So you have to uninstall new apps one by one, for that. In this process no need to write those names anywhere. Because of Removed History recorded it for you.

This is an ads support free tool, it need Android 1.6 or newer version.

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