Quick Answer Without Pressing, Dragging Answer Key On Android Phone [ Proximity Sensor]

When we want to answer a phone call we need to press or drag “Answer” key, because it’s the only way that we can respond it. However now you need not press or drag answer button anymore, just close your Android phone into your ear, then you can respond it.

“Quick Answer” is a one of the coolest new Android app that can do this process. This tool uses your phone proximity sensor for this process. It’s a one requirement for a run “Quick Answer”.

If we look at how to work, if you received phone call you need to close your phone into your ear, then this application uses your phone’s proximity sensor and detect you are now ready to respond that call and automatically enable the answer.

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Now you may think if during a call, what happen if I received another one, to overcome that misunderstanding, enable “During a Call” setting in “Quick Answer” android app.


  • Easily answer any phone call, without press or drag answer button.
  • User can easily enable and disable the service.
  • Automatically turn on the Speakerphone when answer the call.
  • Disable during a call auto-answering.
  • Specify which contacts should enable this application service for instance” All callers, only my contacts, etc.

QuickAnswer App
There is little limitation, if you put your phone into your pocket, and it’s pressed there is a probability to enable answer. To overcome that issue, it’s better enable this application service in a selected time, for instance when you are sleeping, or when you listen to music etc. But never enable its service when you are on the way.

If we look at “Quick Answer” android app requirements it need proximity sensor in your phone and requires Android 2.1 or latest version.


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