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How To Create Fake Call Logs, SMS On The Android Phone Free [ App ]

Now you can surprise your friends and family members by creating fake calls, call logs and SMS text messages. That means you can show hey “Why do you send this kind of message”, “She call me yesterday night, look that call logs”, “she send me SMS” etc. This process we use special android app called “Fake Text SMS Record and Call”. It’s a free but support ads. The most significant thing is this app can create incoming and outgoing calls as well as messages. This post I added step by step how to use this free tool. Before start you have to download this app on the android market in here (end of the post available market page QR code).

How to create fake call logs and calls.

Run Fake Text SMS Record and Call android app, now tap the menu button on your phone, and tap on the “Create call log”. Like following screen shot.

In the next window you can type the caller number or add contact already on your phonebook. After that select call type “Incoming, outgoing or missed”. Then select a call date and time. Finally select its duration. Now everything is done. To create this call logs tap “Done” button.

Now check fake call logs, in your phone and show it to your friends.

How to create fake SMS text message.

Again run Fake Text SMS Record and Call android app, in its main window type sender or receiver number or add a contact in your phone book. Next step, select message type as a received or sent also select the date and time. Finally tap on the Done button. 

Now you make fake SMS and also you will receive notification.

How to create schedule fake Call.

Run Fake Text SMS Record and Call app, tap phone’s menu key and again tap “Call me”. Type the sender name and number or select a contact on your phonebook. Under the “When to call” select schedule time, to select schedule date taps on the “Customized” and select desired date and time. Now tap done. Finally tap “Call me” button and wait for receiving the fake call.

Note:- Don’t use this app for illegal activities, because of your mobile phone carrier has real call logs and SMS details.

Scan Fake Text SMS Record & Call Market link QR code.

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