City Villa Alternative For Android Virtual City Playground

Virtual City Playground android game is the best alternative for Zynga’s Facebook city villa. Its all the features are same. This game user needs to build own city according to the suggestions. After player complete building items, he/she received rewards.

Just like the City Vila, periodically user has to collect money from the his/her town properties. After collecting considerable amount user can invest them for upgrade buildings, business or build a new building or business.

In addition to building properties, user have to produce goods for your city citizens and deliver them to the shopping malls. It also make virtual money.

Virtual City Playground Game

  • More-than 125 optional quests.
  • Over 100 buildings, decorations, landmarks, Tower and many more!
  • 95 New achievements to earn.
  • Regular building instructions.
  • Share your city screen shots with the Facebook.
Virtual City Playground screenshots

After closing the game it automatically calculates inactive time and according to that time it displays delivered goods, earn coins, energy like a city villa. It’s not meant that, this app not running background and eat your Ram, battery life, after you closed it. This game doesn’t support ads, and it’s totally free.

Its main window left hand side display suggestions, top of the window display available credits, invest points, income etc. You can download the Virtual City Playground for Android using following Play Store market links.

[google_app_box title=”Virtual City Playground” url=”” ]

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