Automate Sound Profile Creator With Toggle App For Android

Now you can automate your Android phone with various free and paid applications. There is huge apps collection on Google play store. Dark Silence Free is a cool app that can automatically toggle rigging mode and silent mode. This android application uses your phone’s proximity sensor to trigger action.

After a pre-determined time covered, your phone’s proximity sensor it automatically switches the phone into silent mode. User can specify its time. For instance if you put the phone into your pocket, it automatically enables silent mode, and left into open environment it again rigging mode.2013-03-14_2244

After you enable Dark Silence Free up the service you need to select time for change rigger mode. If your phone’s proximity sensor covered that selected time, it’s automatic change rigger mode.
 Dark Silence Free

This application requires android 2.3.7 or later version with proximity sensors.

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