View All the Android SMS Delivery Reports Using One App [Free]

When we send SMS we can view their delivery report in its individual message. If you sent bulk text messages to many people, then you need to view them one by one. Most of the Android phone has threaded view, so it makes horrible thing to view your message correctly received the receivers.

Delivery Reports Android app can display all the deliver reports with its date. In its main window, display the contact name with its phone numbers, that you send SMS and short small part of the text message. User can manage how much delivery reports should display, in the preference menu, there is no limit. However it has big fonts, there is no way to customize its size. This is not a SMS sending application just like  Go SMS.

Still SMS delivery application can’t provide push notifications, if it has that feature its value really improves. This is a new lite weight Android app, it firstly introduced this January 29, 2012. So it doesn’t have any ratings and user comments. If you have Android 2.1 or later operating system you can install it on your phone.

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