Select And Change Default Android Apps On The Phone

Selecting a default app more easier on Android. When we open a file, web link on Android phone, tablet sometime promote which app to use. Because there are multiple apps to open same file format or web link. For an instance there can be several media players.  Such as stock media player with another 3rd party player such as PowerAmp. At that time we can choose a default application for open selected file format or web link. Then we can quickly open file or web links.

Android has an option to choose a default application. In this method, Apps are assigned by using the file extension. For an instance, if you selected open MP3 files with WinAmp, all the mp3 will be open WinAmp. But after you installed or uninstalled another media player app, this default list automatically resets. It’s a drawback of the Android system. Apart from that, user can clear selected application default status in the selected app info menu “launch by default”.


Select Default Android Applications.

Browse SD or phone’s memory using file manager like Astro. Then tap on desire file, for instance, if you need to open MP3 files, and then tap on the any MP3 file. In the next step “Complete action using” menu will be appearing. Now check “Use by default for this action“, like following screen shot. 

Android default app

You are done. However using this method, one time can select one default app for one file type. If you need to open all the audio such as MP3, WMA then apply this method to all the formats that you want.




Change Default Android Applications.

After you have selected desire app as a default, after installing a new app, you may need to make that new one, as your newly default application. To do that go to “Setting> Applications > Manage Applications”. In there all the installed apps listed, now scroll down and tap on the app that you want to change in your default list. In application detail menu under the “Launch by default” section tap “Clear Defaults” button like following screen shot.

App info

Now you are done! To select a new default app, again follow first method.

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