Remove Android Phone’s Notification Area Ads Quickly – Airpush

Sometimes we may see an ads on our Android phone notification area. Actually it’s a really annoying thing. Most of the time we can’t identify what is the advertisement and what is the notification. Sometime it gives notification sounds. Some of these ads use sound notification. The most significant thing is, if we are not running any app, sometime we can see these push ads on the Android notification area.

However their promotion video mentions that they introduce this kind of technology for the convenience of the user. Apart from that, developers can get higher earnings, comparing other advertising networks. Because of those ads display without running any application. Actually this looks like some sort of adware.

Now they give us remove airpush ads on the Android phone notification area. There are four ways to remove them. If your phone is not rooted then follow first, second and forth methods.

Airpush banner

  • First method – Install AirPush Permanent Opt out app.
  • The second method – Opt-out using the web.
  • The third method – Use AirPush ad blocker.
  • Forth method – Uninstall the app that installed the Airpush ads.
Sample Ads.
Airpush ads

Use Opt out app.

This is an airpush official client, just simple tap we can remove their notification advertisements. First install this application on the Google play store in here. After the installation opens it. In its main window tap “I don’t want airpush ads” and wait for a few seconds. This opt-out depends onyour network connection speed.


Opt-out using the web.

This method more reliable than the above. We use phone’s IMEI, MEID and ESN numbers. First get those details on the phone. There is a different way to get your phone’s IMEI, number just dial ” *#06# ” or go to “Settings> about phone”. After that go to airpush opt-out site in here and enter your details. Using third party Airpush ads blocker. Google Play Store currently available different type ad-blockers. But all of them need root access. You can select desired app on Google play. Rooted phone user can use AdAway, AdsBlocker etc.


Uninstall the app that uses Airpush ads.

This is the most successful method, but unfortunately you have to permanently uninstall your favorite and valuable apps. Now you may think how I know which application use this annoying airpush. Now you don’t worry, there is free android app for detecting this add-on. “Airpush Detector” and “Add-ons detector” are reliable free applications for this process.

After installing one of them, you can view which apps display airpush advertisements on the phone’s notification area. Then you can uninstall it. However disabling every advertisement is not a good thing. Because of these free application developers use lots of their valuable time and knowledge for creating them. But this kind of push ads is Ok.

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