How To Print From Android Phone, Tablet – Any Files, Email, SMS, Contacts, Documents

Normally when we want to print a document, photo, email attachments, we connect the printer to the computer. How about print anything that you want to use Android phone. Now it’s possible, this process we are not connecting our phone to the computer or printer, instead of that, connects to the Google cloud printing free service.

Then any printer, that properly configures,  its start printing process. Important for this kind of thing is when you are on the way you can print any files as well as email, SMS, documents, contacts, images, web page, call log, calender that you received on your phone.

Cloud Printing On Android

First install one supported Android printing apps. Google Drive, Cloud Print Beta, PrinterShare Mobile Print, Cloud Printer apps are recommended. Moreover you can use Quick Office pro and Office Suite Pro. If you need to print emails and SMS better select PrinterShare or Cloud print beta android app.

You need to connect your printer without internet connection better solution is PrinterShare Mobile Print, app. It can use WiFi, Bluetooth, USB cable and Google’s cloud printing service. Other apps need data connection.




Configuring Google cloud Print (beta).

Now open a Google chrome web browser, if you have not installed it download from here. Click the wrench icon on top of the browser and click “Option”. In the browser setting tab click the “Under the Hood tab”. Now scroll down to the “Google Cloud Print” option and enable it by sign-in.

Chrome Cloud Printing

Google cloud now detects all the printers that connected to the computer and select default device.

Select a Printer
Now all the configurations are completed. Open/ run installed Android app and select any file in your phone memory or SD card, then those files are uploading to the Google docs and start printing jobs.




How To print SMS, Emails, Contacts using cloud print beta.

Open Cloud Print Beta Android app, go to the “local tab” and tap on the SMS, now display all the text messages in your Inbox. Select SMS and tap on the “Print” button. Likewise print other things that you want. If you need to print the email you have to install k-p email client on your phone.




Use PrinterShare™ Mobile Print for print SMS, Email, contacts.

Open PrinterShare, in its main window you can see all the support services. To print contacts, tap on the “Contacts” button and select items, finally tap on the print button.  Likewise print other things that you want. Printshare android app can directly connect to the printers over the WiFi, Bluetooth or by connecting to the computer. PrinterShare guide in here.

Before starting printing check all the requirements (ink, paper, etc.) are available. Finally you can view all the jobs in Google Cloudprint in here.


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