How To Sync Ubuntu One With Android Phone Free [Auto Upload Camera Photo]

Ubuntu one is one of the free cloud storage services for Ubuntu operating system users. Now they have already introduced an Android based application. This app gives you access your favorite content in your cloud storage anywhere at anytime. Free user can store up-to 5GB files on that online storage. If you want more space than you can referral friends, each referral you will receive 500MB. In addition to that, you can buy additional space.

The importance of this app is, we can auto upload camera images to the Ubuntu one cloud. This feature still not available Dropbox and other android cloud apps. Surely they will add this feature within the next few months.

As I mentioned above, Ubuntu one Android app can automatically sync all your files and folders that already attached to sync. If a user configures correctly this app, when he/she takes a photo by using their camera, this app automatically, send them in to their personal cloud. In another way, this is a good backup application for Android phones.

Ubuntu One
In addition to that, you can share your photos with your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and your blogs with just simply tap and hold on them.


  • Auto upload Android camera pictures to cloud (optional).
  • Select any folder for automatic sync (optional).
  • Access files on your cloud in anywhere any time.
  • Download your cloud files, and access them in offline.
  • Instant files upload to the cloud.
  • Share file public URL.
  • Share cloud files via Gmail, and Picasa, etc.
  • Quickly rename and delete cloud files.
  • Music streaming (paid members).
  • Cancel all uploads just one tap.

Ubuntu One App


Select auto upload folder.


We can select different folder for automatic upload. To select desired auto upload folder, open Ubuntu one app, go to its settings (press menu button), now tap on “Settings” and again tap on the “Select folder to upload”. In there you have two options.

Ubuntu One Settings Auto Upload
Next you can see all the folders on your SD card. You can select multiple folders.
Auto Upload folders
Now your folder automatically sync. You can select which connection should utilize to upload files to your Ubuntu one cloud. Go to settings menu and select “Only WiFi” option.
This application requires Android 2.1 or above operating system.
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