How To Customize Cool Facebook Timeline Cover And Profile Photo

There are several applications for customize Facebook profile page layout. We can add a timeline cover at the top of the profile page and customize your photo. Facebook timeline covers adding process some extend complicate, so that we have to use web apps for that. Because of we need to find a correct size image. Yes you can also Google it.

This post contains free online applications can automatically do that process. Most of these online services apps are not supporting secure HTTPS connection. If you have already enabled Facebook secure connection; you have to temporarily disable it to use these services, after you finished job again enable secure browsing.

 Facebook Profile


Create Facebook Profile cover.

You can create a cover for Facebook in two ways, uploading your own image or use already created images. Following sites has cool Facebook covers.



This is a cool Facebook profile customizing app. This service can add a timeline cover as well as customize profile according to that cover. You have to upload images to Picscatter, they don’t have an image collection. Visit Picscatter.


First Covers.

First Covers site is extremely easy to use free service, however they are not supported use own image. But they have a verity of cool categories. Just simple click use can add any available image as their gallery. Visit First Covers.



Also good service. You have to upload images to Schweppes after that  re-size, rotate and move the image to get desired style. Visit Schweppes.



Let user to customize their profiles. They also support use an own image or select images from their large collection for your Facebook cover. It’s easy to use service. Just simple click you can customize your Facebook page. This service still in beta so there may be bugs. Visit Bannerizer.


Profile Banner Creator.

This is another cool online service. They allow the user to upload or select images from their collection. Moreover you can add your own text/sentence in your timeline cover. After select or upload an image click “add to profile” then automatically it will be displayed in your profile. Visit Profile Banner Creator.


Profile banner.

Profile banner is a free online app that can create a cool Facebook cover. It also supports images upload. If you want use already created Facebook timeline cover click “Banners “link or otherwise if you want use your own image then click the Upload button. Visit Profile banner.




Customize profile picture.

Facebook profile phots

This process you can add various effects, frames to your existing image. Then you can make it as your profile photo. There are various web services for this one.

Profilepicturemaker has several image effect adding frames, effects, photo badges, motivational photo. First select frames, effect etc.; in here. Then take a photo using a webcam or upload from your computer. After that you can adjust its size, brightness etc.; and finally download image. Visit ProfilePictureMaker site.


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