Get Alerts Insert Unrecognized SIM Cards To Android Phone [ Tracking]

After your Android Smart phone thieve someone, he/she can use another SIM card for use it. Actually most of the people do that kind of thing. As a result of that, your device anti-theft tracking apps are not working as expected. Most of the free tracking apps are not support add trusted SIM cards, so we need to install another app for that. SIM Checker Lite and SIM Change Alert are best Android apps that can use for this process. Their features are same.

Basally these apps give alerts via SMS as well as email, when someone inserts an unregistered SIM to your phone. SIM Checker Lite developer discontinued and introduce all in one anti theft app called Cerberus. But it’s not a free.


SIM Checker Lite features.

  • Alert via SMS, Email.
  • Add one report phone number and email address.
  • Register more than one SIM.

Sim Change Alert features

  • Alert via SMS.
  • Add one trusted SIM card.

The reporting phone number should be international format. If not, there will be some conflicts. Both apps can use one reporting phone number. “SIM change alert” app can move to the SD, if you do that kind of thing, after thief removed the SD card, application not work. This is the not an only way for track stolen phone. You can use “Free Android tracking apps” for improve anti-theft app performances.

To register another SIM card, before add its number to your phone contact list and insert new SIM. Then those tracking app automatically detect it as a trusted one.

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