Free Proxy Connection List Search Android App

If you need to hide your real IP number or unblock websites, the best method is use a VPN or proxy connection. Searching the best speed and working connection is some extend hard process. Currently there are thousands of free proxy servers around the world. Using their connection we can easily surf the web using an Android phone.

Proxy Grabber Lite is a new free Android app that can search new and working proxy server details. It supports search different type connections like HTTP, SOCK 4 and SOCK 5 with just a few seconds. After tapping on the required connection button, its start search. This android application can display the available proxy address,  country, its speed and last checked the time.

Proxy Grabber Lite

To copy its address, tap on its details section. This method user can identify correct speed and working service. However this free service only displays 5 connections at a one time. If you need to get more you have to use the paid version.

If we look at how these connections work, it’s an intermediary connector between two networks. Following things are the major benefits of them,


  • Surf anonymously.
  • Unblock websites.
  • Access sites prohibited by the ISP.
  • Prevent Internet usage monitoring.
  • Bypass parental controls.
  • Hide your IP address to web site admins.
  • Access websites, that allow only certain countries such as BBC i player.

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