How To Fix Android Phone Uninstall Not Successful Issue Quickly

When we uninstall some Android apps we receive “Uninstall Not Successful” error. This is a common situation for most of the applications which are run by a device admin. There are two reasons for this issue, if you try to uninstall Android apps, that received administrative privilege rights or if you try to uninstall system or preloaded app without the root permission.

This post I’m going to discuss how to uninstall app that run as an administrator. We can see this security feature on Android 2.2 or above operating systems and it gives better protection to your phone. Before uninstall this kind of special permission received apps, we have to disable those apps administrative rights.

All the apps that run as Device Administrators are user apps, which mean we can easily uninstall them without the root permission.  We need to run certain apps as admin, for doing a certain task. Such as lock and unlock the screen. If these apps don’t give this permission, sometime they can’t run or they can’t do certain tasks.

Therefore make sure that you have unchecked the correct application. Otherwise some apps may not run properly.

To do that, first go to the “Settings>Security>Device Administrators”. In the next step you can see all the administrators apps like following screen shot.

Device Administrators

Unchecked the application, which you want to uninstall. In this step, you can only unchecked one app per one time.

In this window, if any app checked, which mean you run it as an administrator.
Device Admin

In the next step tap on the “Deactivate” button, like following screen shot.

Deactivate Device Admin

Now that Android app doesn’t have any admin rights. Again go to “Setting> Apps” and uninstall a program that you want or if you have a 3rd party Uninstaller, you can now use it. Most of the time we can see this special feature includes security and tracking Android applications. After user enable this permission, those android apps can promote a new password, Monitor user activities, Lock device, Wipe phone data and many more advanced activities.



This method you can’t remove manufacture and your network carriers  pre-installed app, in order to uninstall them you need root access.

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