Browse Photos On Android By Date, Location [Photo Calendar App Review]

Android Gallery app not support browse apps by date. When we take pictures using any device, that images contain may important information, such as date, camera IMEI number, location, flash light info, ISO, etc. Those information are not displayed image surface, but they can view using special applications.

If you need to view/ browse your Android phone images with their take date, location currently you can view one by one (via details ). It’s a time consuming.

Photo Calendar is one of the free Android app that can browse photos by date that they take-in and location. It’s a free but support Ads. This app is a new one, and it take higher ratings. If we look at their capabilities this is a one of the best choices.



  • Sorted phone image by date that you take them.
  • Customized tab view (Album, monthly and calendar tab view)
  • Album view sort images by date that they have taken.
  • Month tab sort images according to an image taken a month.
  • Calendar tab display images like normal calendar view.
  • Map view available soon. Sort photos according to their location.
Smart Album - Photo Calendar

After you tap on images they can view in full screen. Advertisements appear bottom of the app, however currently there is no ads free version (paid), but their official site display there is a $ 0.99 version. There are many user request paid version probably they will introduce it in the near future. Unfortunately this Android image viewer app not support movable to the phone SD card. So it’s a major disadvantage.Download.

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