How To Backup Android Installed Apps List Information To SD Card Free

How to backup installed app Google play store links and information? Most of the time we need to know such a thing. When you buy a new Android phone, before install a custom ROM, we have to install all the necessary apps. Most of the people do, backup old phone apps to SD card and installs them in the new device. But its’ not recommend every time. For an instance, when you are upgrading your firmware it’s not a good idea.

Now you need not worry, we can back up the entire installed apps list information into an SD card. This process we save the app name with its market page URL, but don’t misunderstand this process we are not backup applications’ “. APK”  and apps data. Now you may think we can view the entire installed apps list by visiting Google Play store market “My Library” page using desktop computers. That page displays all the installed as well as uninstalled apps, so it makes some confuse.

Google Play Store

App List Backup is one of the best Android application, that can save the list of installed apps information to your SD card. Though it can’t save non-Market applications list. So it’s a big disadvantage, but it’s also not a necessary thing in this situation. Currently there is a three different versions. Free, pro and pro-no permission apps. If you like to support the developer and disable ads, you can go for a one of the paid versions.



How to backup Android phone installed apps list to SD card.

App List Backup Main menu

  • If you need to save all the app’s information tap phone’s menu key and tap on the “Check All”. Or can select one by one. Now tap on the “Save” button.

App List Backup

  • When it saves all the installed apps information to your SD card. It will show following type message.

App List Backup Sucess

  • To restore, open app list backup application and tap on the “Restore” button. However it can’t create more than one at a one time. It another  disadvantage. When you try to restore the saved list, it detect lastly create one. There’s no option to select different list.

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