3 Apps For Auto Sync Facebook Contacts Profile Photo With Android

Facebook android app can automatically sync your Facebook contacts with Android phone. Though this app always not works as we expect and also it can’t merge existing contacts on your phone book. Some of our friends hide their phone numbers in their Facebook profile. As a result of that we can’t maintain correct and attractive phone book with their latest Facebook profile photo.

Now we can easily sync Facebook friends contact’s profile photo with the Android phone book. There are several free android apps, but some of them have limitations so I added fully synchronization support apps with their features and short review. Before use those apps you have to grant permission to access your Facebook account. Some of these applications use OAuth technology. Therefore you don’t need to worry about the password and user name. These apps don’t store them.

I already published FB contacts import and sync method with the Google. But that method we use a computer application. You can read that post in here“.Sync

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SyncMyPixis one of the easy to use and top rated Facebook contact sync app for Android phones. It has the ability to automatically as well as manually do this process. The most significant thing is SyncMyPixis automatic match most suitable contacts, using their email address and phone number.

  • Run the app and tap “Sync” button.
  • Log-in to Facebook using SyncMyPix and grant permission ( need first time).
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the importing process.
  • If SyncMyPix can’t automatically match/identify contacts on your phone, you have to manually link them with this app.
  • Find any contact that not automatically match, you can find it using SyncMyPix. If it displays a yellow picture it indicates, that Facebook profile photo not imported to your phone. Tap on that image.
  • Now tap “Link picture to contact” and now this application display your phone book contacts, select the contact that you need to link.

Comparing it with other similar app, it’s a really good feature. Moreover this app has user friendly interface. After synchronization finished, display all the paired friends list with photo, others profile display without image.
[google_app_box title=”SyncMyPix” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nloko.android.syncmypix”]



Friends Sync.

Friends sync also good application, however after the installation, its not visible application menu. Instead on that It will available on the Account and Sync setting.

  • To start sync go to “Setting> Accounts and Sync”,
  • Click “Add” and tap on the “Friends Sync” .
  • In the main window select how to sync better select contacts only option.
  • Now log in to FB account using this app.
  • After connected account again go to “Account and Sync >Facebook account> Account settings” change those settings for better performance.

Unfortunately user can’t link similar contacts so it’s a big mistake. To overcome that issue user can add Facebook friends email address to phone book.
[google_app_box title=”Friends Sync” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.watto.program.android.sync.facebook”]



FB photo Sync.

This is not a mature app but it also has cool features. FB photo Sync has automatically and manually detect similar contacts. If it’s unable to match user can browse the phone book with and Facebook contacts and link contacts. Its connect tab left list display your phone contacts and right list for Facebook friends. After the synchronization process finished user can view which profiles combined for verify paring is correct or wrong.
[google_app_box title=”FB Photo Sync” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luckydevs.facebookphotosync”]
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