Best Battery Manager App For Increase Battery Life On Android

Android Battery draining fast is a one of the biggest issues for most of the users.  Every day OEM added more features and they required more power. There are many ways to save power on Android devices. Battery booster is a one of the best Android battery manager apps. This app works mainly two ways. It increases battery life on Android phone, tablet as as well as it gives useful information.

If your Android phone doesn’t include that type of utility app, now you can install a free app called “Battery Booster”. It’s not only a battery level indicator it gives complete information about your battery. For an instance, it can automatically track your device power usage. There are several ways to limit power consumption for increase battery life on Android. Killing unwanted apps, disable auto sync, turn off  WiFi, Data are some of the essential actions.

Using this app, can automatically turn off your device network communication and auto sync. It will force deep sleep mode. Moreover user can add home screen widget to toggle network connections. These things will save considerable power.

At this moment, there is no way to get alerted when the device fully charged or low. Because  currently there is no option on Android OS.  Though some phone manufacture includes small app for giving alerts when phone fully charged. This app can alert when it completed charged. It will prevent your device over charging issue.


Battery Booster Key features

  • Monitor battery capacity, health, level, temperature, voltage.
  • Battery status monitor and its usage track.
  • Battery calibration notification.
  • Select which wireless settings enable, disable when phone is locked, unlocked and its battery is low.
  • Can get alert when phone battery is low, full, overheated or reach at a specific level.
  • Can add a wireless connection enable and disable widget to the home screen.
  • On low radio settings.
  • Support phone and tablet.


Battery booster has build in task killer to stop the background unnecessary process. User can add any precess to the Whitelist. This feature not only save the power, but also improve the performance by improving RAM memory. This app not only for the phone, it supports all sizes of tablets.

Battery Booster Screenshot

Apart from that, it can monitor battery capacity, health, charge level, temperature and even voltage in a numerical figure as well as in a graph. In addition to that, it can calibrate the Android battery without root permission. It’s a one of the big advantages of this app.

If you already have Tasker automate app, you can use it for saving the Android battery life. I already posted how to force deep sleep by using tasker tutorial. You can reference that tutorial for more details.

Currently they sell their ads free version just $0.99, comparing its features with prices it’s not a bad deal. There are no any features different between free and premium version.

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