Top 6 Best Free Android Anti-Theft Tracking Apps Recover Stolen Device

What is the best free anti-theft app for Android? You come to the right place. There are lots of free and paid tracking apps for android system. Therefore  it’s better install a perfect app on your device.

Now there are some apps for protecting your device with the root permission. Some of the application can take photos in each lock screen unlock, automatically enable GPS, data and WiFi connection. All the anti-theft apps has different features. Therefore selecting a best app is somewhat hard process.

Nowadays our android devices contain many valuable and highly sensitive data. So it’s better increase our Smartphones and tablets security by installing a totally free anti-theft tracking app.

This article I added perfect free Android Smartphone and tablets tracking apps. There is no best order, you can choose any apps, if they full-fill your requirements. However the biggest disadvantage in these apps, still they are not using the face recognition feature.
android tracking


This is one of the ultimate paid tracking apps. Unfortunately it’s not a free app. But after I use it, I realized it it the one of the best app. Just one time payment you can protect all of your android devices forever. It has the ability to take photos from from and rear camera, wipe SD card, record sounds and more than 10+ features. “Read full review in here“.

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Android Lost

Android Lost is a more advanced Android application. This application also uses GPS antenna for locating phone, tablet if it’s stolen. The user can hide this app icon in the app launcher.

Its features are read SMS Inbox and sent SMS, wipe the phone and SD card data, lock phone, locate with GPS or network, start alarm alert, forward calls, view phone battery, IMEI, etc status, activate and deactivate GPS and WIFI, notify when the SIM is changed via email, take thief picture with front camera or rear camera, make your phone speak with text to speech, SMS command, lock timeout.

This application is free, rich in tracking features, users can remotely wipe sensitive data. Use data connection, so SIM card changes don’t affect.

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Lookout Security and Antivirus.

Lookout is an award winning Android antivirus app as well as it includes android devices tracking features. It can track lost or stolen phone using Google map, even if thief already turned off GPS, can activate a loud alarm, even if the phone’s on silent mode, can locate your phone using my lookout account.

Lookout uses a data connection, so if the theft disable internet connection this app doesn’t work. Currently it can’t automatically enable WiFi and data. This is security apps as well as tracking app. However free version doesn’t include data wipe feature. Free user can’t lock the phone remotely. Can view phone recovery status via the web.

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Wheres My Droid.

Wheres my Droid is a free Android application that can track stolen Smartphones. Using this free app, you can remotely control your phone. The user can send commands to phone via SMS, locate the phone using the GPS antenna, can set password to prevent unauthorized app changes, notify SIM card change. However this free android app cannot wipe phone’s data.

Free user can’t wipe phone data. SIM card changes feature still in beta stage. If thief changes the SIM tracking process may not work. However this app easy to use. Android 1.6 users can install this app.

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AntiDroidTheft app can protect lost or stolen phones totally free. This app also uses GPS antenna for track stolen phones. AntiDroidTheft can track phone location and take thief pictures and set it to the Anti Droid Theft website. Moreover user can track SIM card changes. This application requires android 1.6 or latest version.

Conclusion: –
Can view recovery status using an android – tracking webpage. However this app can’t wipe phone data, not contain enough tracking features comparing other products. Looks like this app still in developing stage if its old.

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I have already posted prey Android app’s details features in this blog post. You can read that Prey app review post in here. It has the ability to track SIM changes, enable data, WiFi, use GPS antenna, etc.

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