Best 3 Alternative RSS Reader Apps For Google Reader Android App

Google is shutting down their popular Google reader (GReader) service on 1st of July. If you are a Google reader you already know this announcement. They already hides Google reader app on the play store, but still we can access it to via direct link. Now it’s time to switch to another RSS feed reader.

There are several free apps on the play store, but some of them are depending on Google reader. This post I added three free RSS reader apps for Android. Some of the service support multiple OS, such as Android, iOS, Windows.




Feedly. Google Reader News RSS

This is a one of the best alternative app for Google reader. Feedly offer painless GReader Feed import. Just one tap we can import Google reader all the RSS subscriptions with the folders. It’s not like the GReader, this app use gesture to navigation. Just one tap you can share the posts. Feedly Android app includes magazine list and card views. This service support cross platforms. Feedly service has iOS and Firefox add-on and your content automatically syncs among other devices. Recently Feedly announced that their user increases rapidly after Google announced Google reader shutting down.

 Feedly Screenshot

[google_app_box title=”Feedly” url=”” ]





Reader Free.

Reader Free Banner

Reader Free is a one of the best alternatives to the Google reader. User can one tap import all the GReader Feeds and its folders to your Android phone. But it also not support cross platforms. Its user interface (UI) just like the Google reader. If you’re a big fan of the GReader like me, you will familiar with this app. Unlike other RSS reader that I have mentioned above, this application has lots of customization options. Reader Free has 10 different holo themes including light, dark.

Reader Free Screenshots

[google_app_box title=”Reader Free” url=”” ]






Flipboard Banner

This is an another good alternative to Google reader. Flipboard not like the Google or Feedly. This app can bring you the latest news from various topics and your social networks to your Android mobile. In addition to that you can add your own RSS feeds. It has only magazine style views. But it only supports Android and iOS. There’s no computer based application.

Flipboard Screenhosts

[google_app_box title=”Flipboard” url=”” ]


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